My name is Jeff and I love data, I really love data.  It’s not just a job for me it’s a calling.  I am drawn to it even in my spare time.  I have been working with data since 1994 when I worked at the local school board developing reports for school board operations.  I worked my way from small town school board to working in Ontario’s capital and the financial center of Canada.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and I am at the phase of my career where I can pass on a lot of that knowledge to others.  I get asked to make presentations or write papers on how to tackle common data problems.  I also believe in the idea that a expert needs to pass on this knowledge and foster the sharing of ideas.

My job is primarily financial risk data analysis, but I am always exploring new ideas and different areas.  You will see posts on maker projects mixed with risk weighted asset formulas.  I have been tinkering with cloud services and mobile applications.  If you have questions on something I have posted please feel free to follow up and ask.

Please Forgive the mess – This site is fairly new and I am working on getting a lot of my past presentations and papers published here.  I need to do this while still solving the problems of my clients.  Please be patient.